Sunday, May 13, 2007

Russian Ringing Cedar Pine Nuts

There is a very good chance that reading these words may change your life in a very positive way. Nothing happens by accident and I believe you have been guided here to experience the incredible story of Vladimir Megre author of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Do you have the spirit of an "Indiana Jones" If you do you, will find much more than pine nuts. You will find the universal secret energy of plants and how that energy is a gift to all humans. Your journey is about to begin.....

In 1994 a Siberian elder told Vladimir a story about rare "ringing cedars".......sacred trees which healed bodily diseases. These trees gave off a strange energy which could be felt as vibrations hence the name "Ringing Cedars". The elder told him that just such a tree was growing in the remote Siberian backwoods. Vladimir Megre investigated and rediscovered the ancient knowledge and folklore surrounding the value of virgin oil pressed from Siberian cedar nuts. This knowledge was all but lost through the years. But the mystery of the "Ringing Cedar" still needed to be discovered.

Megre, an entrepeneur set out on an expedition to find the tree that the elder described. Deep within the forest he met the elder's daughter Anastasia. That meeting has changed the lives of thousands and is the subject of the series of books.

The title of the first book in the Ringing Cedars Series is "Anastasia" and it reveals......No I won't tell you. What it reveals is very personal, and your experience will be different from mine and yet the same.



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You might be interested to meet Vladimir Megre in person. There will be held a Ringing Cedars Conference on October 10, 2008!

The Ringing Cedars is a movement on on every aspect of life from raw food to education to organic gardening to echotechnologies to politics. Vladimir Megre and Viktor Medikov are among the speakers, there will also be concerts, marketplace, and other events.

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