Friday, August 31, 2007

Raw Food Powder?

Warning this story links to a Promotional Site...However I think the products processing methods are quite different and worth a look.

I've never been much of a fan of the "Green Drinks" For the most part the processing of the ingredients undergo some pretty extreme methods of extraction not to mention the origin of the ingredients themselves. Recently I found quite by accident a company that grows much of the ingredients in their "Powder" and has a very interesting drying process that has convinced me to give them a try.

This Quote from their site was interesting...It places these products within the "Raw Food" category based on temperature processing.

"Our proprietary process takes newly harvested, fresh-pressed 34°F liquid juice to powder within 30 seconds. During this process, the product temperature averages 65°F and never exceeds 100°F, which is considered phenomenal in the drying industry."

" perfect drying process is the key to maintaining the nutritional integrity of the fresh whole foods being dried. Unlike typical drying processes used in the nutritional supplement industry, the proprietary URI International drying process maintains, rather than compromises, the naturally occurring nutritional content in whole foods. Our unique and proprietary process preserves the nutritional integrity and life force of the fresh produce being dried, which is essential to health and well being."

Here is a link for information about these products. Warning this site is promotional but the information is quite interesting. See if you agree that this product has some advantages over others on the market.

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