Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunflower Oil Sucking?

Well actually it is called "Oil Pulling" and it has to be one of the more unusual healing methods I have come across in many years. Here is an exerpt from the website "Oil Pulling a Wonderful Therapy" (see link at bottom of post)

After all cold pressed oil would be considered a "Raw Food" Wouldn't It?

I hate to send you away from this blog but this is worth it.....come back soon.


Dr. F. Karach, M.D., presented a paper before the All-Ukrainian Association. The meeting was attended by oncologists and bacteriologists belonging to the Academy of Science of the USSR. Dr. Karach explained an unusual simple healing process using cold-pressed oils.
The results of this therapy invoked astonishment and doubt concerning the contents of his report. However, after further examining the workings of the oil therapy, one has but to then test it on oneself to prove its validity and effectiveness. It is most astonishing that such results can be achieved with this absolutely harmless biological healing method. This simple method makes it possible to effectively treat the most varied diseases, in some cases enabling one to avoid surgical intervention and the taking of medications that can have harmful side effects.The exciting factor of this healing method is its simplicity. It consists of swishing cold-pressed oil in the mouth( Sunflower or Seasme, Pl. note you don't need to go for organic oils only, A normal refined sunflower oil bought from any supermarket proven to be effective in many people). The healing process is accomplished by the human organism on its own. In this way it is possible to heal cells, tissue and all organs simultaneously; the body itself gets rid of toxic waste without disturbing the healthy microflora. Dr. Karach says human beings are living only half their life span. They could potentially live healthy to be 140 to 150 years old.


I wonder if the oil produced by the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" (See the archieved posts on this healing tree) might be even more powerful than Sunflower oil.


Beth Budesheim said...

I used to do this. I heard it whitens your teeth too. I'm going to start again and see what positive effects I can encounter. :)

Jim said...

Hi Beth,
Thank You for your interest and comment...I enjoyed a visit to your blog and beautiful website