Monday, March 24, 2008

Raw Food Energy Bar That Tastes Good and is Good For You.

Energy Bars that taste good and are good for you. What a concept!

When you consider the junk food Energy Bars at your local health food store known as "Health Bars" reading the label of the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars is a pleasure in itself.

The Bars are Gluten Free • Vegan • Wheat, Corn, Soy, Trans-fat, Cholestorol and Refined Sugar Free

Plenty of variety Tropical Mango Choc Chip Cookie Dough Raspberry & Chocolate Spirulina & Cashew Coconut & Agave Nectar Chocolate & Cashew Cashew & Agave Nectar Chocolate & Coconut Hazelnut & Chocolate Raisin & Chocolate

So far I've tried Raspberry & Chocolate, Chocolate & Cashew, Hazelnut & Chocolate, and Raisin & Chocolate...and I really was prepared to dislike them. However they were very good and I look forward to trying the other flavor blends

Expensive? Not for this quality of ingredients and preparation! Amazon has some good deals going on these bars. See end of article.

A typical ingredient label of the bars might look like this one which is my favorite so far

Hazelnut & Chocolate:
2.2 oz USDA Certified Organic Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar - Hazelnut & Chocolate. Kosher & Organic Certification by Natural Food Certifiers,...
Agave Nector, Cashew, Dates, Hazelnut, Almond, Sprouted Flax, Cocao Powder Processed with Alkali.

In short there is nothing in these bars that a "Raw Foodist" could not enjoy.

From Raw Revolution web site....

"As a registered nurse and natural foods chef, Raw Indulgence founder Alice Benedetto had developed a passion for preparing and eating raw foods. So when the raw snacks she made as an alternative to high sugar processed snacks for her high school son became so popular among his friends, she started selling them. Raw, living foods are cleaner and have higher nutrient content than cooked food. Processed foods such as protein isolates and grain-based fillers are acidic and cause fermentation in the body. Raw Organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology. Raw Indulgence products, including Raw Revolution bars, are gluten free, vegan, free of wheat, corn, soy, trans-fats, cholesterol and refined sugar."

Considering the ingredients and the pleasant taste I consider this the best "Health Bar" I have ever tried.

A Top rating from Raw Food Wisdom!

Pack of 12 2.2-ounce bars (26.4 total ounces)

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