Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ultimate Raw Food for Healing and Health

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A Raw Food Superstar. This former throw away is a must have for your Raw Food Diet

It took two farmers in North Dakota, Curtis Rangeloff, and Dennis Maw to develop a chemical free, mechanical process that turns a former waste product into one of the most potent, powerful healing Raw Foods in existence.

Caution you are not going to find this miracle raw food at your local health food store Yes, you can get flax seeds but this is a by product of flax seeds and much more powerful than the seeds or oil. Consuming Just 1/2 TBSP of this product daily is equivalent to consuming 12 pounds of whole flax seed or 121 pounds of broccoli.


Flax seeds are a great addition to your Raw Food Diet, and the extracted oils have essential fatty acids but it is the hulls that contain a unique concentration of healing phytonutrients. There is no raw food that can match Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for immune system support. A healthy "Supercharged" immune system can overcome many of the diseases that plague modern societies.

Beware of any Flax seed product, ground flax seeds or flax seed oil that claims to have high levels of lignans and SDG. SDG and lignans are not found in high quantity and quality in flax seeds.

The healing lignans and SDG are found in Flax Seed Hulls ( I will tell you how to contact the farmer to order later in this article)

Flax Seed Hulls? It turns out the hulls of the flax seed contain a group of "Lignans" and the major lignan the "Superhealer" is known as SDG (secoisolariciresinol diglucoside). Lignans are a group of plant based phytonutrients found in seeds and grains. Other sources of lignans are rye buckwheat millet soya and barley...pretty hard to eat without cooking and low in lignans anyway. However there is a raw barley product that will be the subject of the another Ultimate Raw Food report.

Farmer Curtis Rangeloff's Concentrated Flax Hull lignans are great tasting and are the only product with the high concentration of SDG using a proprietary method of mechanical separation of the hull from the seed. There have been attempts at chemical extraction using methanol, petroleum, ether, chloroform, sodium methoxide and sulfuric acid however these methods can allow trace chemicals to leech into the lignans. They do not produce the high levels of SDG that the mechanical extraction does.

Everyone seems to know someone who is suffering from some of the diseases mentioned in the next paragraph. Even if you are in perfect health this ultimate healing food is a perfect immune system enhancer. It tastes good too.

Concentrated Flax Hull lignans high in SDG have proven healing effects upon: Diabetes, Lupus, Kidney Disorder, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Heart Disease, Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Women's Health and Men's Health. For research digests click here

The most economical source for Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans is the farmer who supplies it to all other distributors, Curtis Rangelof has a website which will give you more information on his process and product. North Dakota Innovations. A hint when buying...place your order by phone you might get a further discount. NDI is the only source and supplies the product to three other distributors one in Canada and two in the US. These distributors sell it a much higher price so it is better to buy it from NDI However you might want to view their sites for more information. Global Light Network is a favorite for unusual alternative products. I am a customer of GLN but in the case of Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans their price is just too high. However the GLN site and newsletter is worth a visit.

Note: I am not associated with North Dakota Innovations and receive no compensation from them. I use Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans and I consider it one of the true Ultimate Raw Foods.

My first introduction to Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans came from a link to an article in Health Sciences International (HSI) published June 2008. HSI is a health newsletter and the report was for its members. HSI mentioned a source for more information and it has some very interesting anecdotal research with the use of Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans in the treatment children with Aids in Africa. The site mentioned in the HSI report is also one of the distributors I mentioned earlier. It is worth a visit for more information of the use of concentrated flax hull lignans in Aids/Hiv clinics and field work. Aids/Hiv Awareness

Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans are a true ultimate raw food for healing and health.

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