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Raw Food Muesli Recipe

Raw Food Muesli recipes that do not contain nuts are scarce online and I was just going to print the recipe by itself. However if I did that I would deprive you of the wit and wisdom of John H. Tobe so here is the whole story of Tobe's excellent Muesli adventure.

Raw Food pioneer John H Tobe's books are out of print and fairly expensive. They can be found on most of the rare book sites. I have published some of his recipes here in the past and there is a quote of John H Tobe on the front page of this blog.

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Here is John H Tobe's Energy Unlimited recipe and story....

Energy Unlimited

by John H. Tobe

Probably the most frequent complaint that I've heard from people
is that they lack energy. Men, women and children of all ages seem
to have this common affliction. Some people just assume that it is
natural and there is nothing they can do about it and carry on
from there never showing a spark of life and just sort of dragging
themselves through from day to day.

I came across a lady in New Zealand who told me that every day for
years she had just dragged herself on from one day to the next.
She was in her early 60's when I met her and she just accepted it
as one of these things that she had to live with until she died and
there was nothing she could do about it. This was a tragic
mistake. A genuine, tragic mistake because the woman didn't have
to suffer through all these years. What was even worse was that
the woman was an intelligent woman in practically every way... she
raised a family, she had everything to live for and her husband was
an influential, wealthy lawyer, they has the most beautiful of
homes -- everything and yet she just had no energy. The doctor
couldn't tell her why and that was the way she lived and she didn't
care whether she lived or died. In fact, she told me that she
didn't care if she died that night.

Well I want to assure you that this chronic fatigue and lack of pep
and energy are definitely not normal and they certainly are not an
indication of health. The story I told you is a true story but the
big tragedy is that it is multiplied hundreds of thousands of times
in America today let alone in Britain and in other advanced nations
throughout the world. I'm telling you here and now it doesn't have
to be and the remedy, the means of ending this is at hand and it's
as simple as eating a handful of living grains. I should also
stress that this affects, as I mentioned at the start, people of
all ages starting in their teens. Furthermore, let me tell you
this. When this happens to you or anyone else you get sick, really
sick. Basically you are suffering from malnutrition. Here you've
been kidding yourself that you're perfectly well fed because you
eat the best and the richest and the most expensive of food.

Allow me to suggest that you may be eating what are normally
considered proper foods in wide variety and still you're lethargic
and sort of dead to the world from the neck up. Yes, and from the
neck down, too.

It is not my intent to try and give you a picture of the way the
body acts and reacts to food and about the chemistry of the body
and the machine the body is which most doctors and nutritionists
try to pawn off on people to prove how smart they are and how much
schooling the've had. All they succeed in doing when they finish
is beclouding and fogging up the true picture and they haven't
convinced you nor themselves of anything.

Listen here, whether you eat three or four meals a day or whether
you eat 6 meals a day or only 1 meal a day is of little
consequence. It is what you eat. Let's even take it a step
further. You can eat all of the right foods... even if I told you
what foods to eat to give you energy... yes, you can eat all of
them and still have no energy and still feel as bad as ever.

So let's start at the beginning. The energy goods are
carbohydrates. Yes, people who eat lots of proteins seem to do all
right too and foods generally contain protein, carbohydrates,
fats, minerals and vitamins. All of these names that nutritionists
throw at you to impress you are truly meaningless. What you need
is live, whole food and that's just what you do not get when you
buy commercial food.

Normally speaking if you want energy you eat carbohydrates and
grains are among the best of the carbohydrates. So the solution is
an easy one, isn't it? Just get lots of grains into your system.
But yet if you took and fragmented or refined the carbohydrates and
cooked them the chances of getting any genuine energy out of them
are remote, if not absolutely nil.

If you are lacking in energy you can restore your vitality and
whether or not you ever had any great strength you can be filled
with vim. Now let me tell you of my 3-V breakfast cereal.

This formula is based upon the early Bircher-Benner Muesli system.
The first time that I tried muesli my remark was, "If I have to
eat stuff like this to be healthy, then I don't want to be

I don't expect to be given any laurels for a remark like that. In
fact, I'm thoroughly ashamed of that remark. However, I'm not
trying to hide it... that is what I said and that is what I am
telling you that I said.

Of course, it so happened that the party who made this mixture for
me at the time didn't practice the best means and methods of
preparation and there was no great attempt made to make it
palatable. It was supposed to be good for you and that meant, it
seems, i didn't have to be appealing or tasty. Nevertheless, my
remark was positively not justified. Later, why, I gained some
knowledge and experience.

I studied the formula carefully and came up with the rhyme and the
reason behind Dr. Bircher-Benner's great introduction. He
certainly was way ahead of his time, but it proved that mankind was
slow in recognizing its true merit. Actually, from my reading it
was the first time a man had recognized the value of raw food in
the human diet. Therefore, I began to use it and I still couldn't
take it to my breast, so to speak. It was all right and I could
eat it but it was a sort of a chore or should I say, a bore.

But I kept saying to myself, "I want health -- I want it badly --
so I'll have to put up with a bit of food that isn't so appetizing.
So what if it doesn't taste so hot?"

Then a more advanced thought occurred to me, "Why not try to make
it palatable? You have access to good food and you know a bit
about it, so work on it."

I did just that and I got my wife interested and we began a series
of experiments. Every day we tried a new batch for breakfast.
Sometimes we added and sometimes we subtracted. Sometimes we put
more of this and less of that and other times we put less of this
and more of that. Well, after monkeying around for about two years
we came up with the answer to what I was seeking... (a) 100%
nutrition, (b) palatability, (c) availability, In fact it was so
good and tasteful to eat that there was a great temptation to
overeat. The most important thing about this breakfast food, or 3-
V cereal as I call it, is that it fulfills the basic needs of
mankind. It is 100% nutrition and the items it contains are
generally available everywhere. Therefore, no one need be
undernourished, not even the poor.

Now if you were to go out tomorrow to one of the health food stores
and buy some of the Bircher-Benner Muesli (it goes under various
names) you'll say, "What in blazes was Tobe squawking about when he
said it didn't taste good?"

But hold it a jiffy! The package of muesli that you buy is by no
means anything like the original Bircher-Benner formula. In the
first place, the Bircher-Benner original formula, like my 3-V
cereal, was 100% alive. You can readily understand that if the
Bircher-Benner Muesli that you buy in the store was 100% alive then
they couldn't keep it on the shelves, simply because it would soon
be crawling with various living organisms, especially at store
temperatures of 70 and 80 degrees. Even under refrigeration it
does not keep well enough.

Now the ingredients contained in the store-bought Bircher-Benner
Muesli are excellent but they are dead. In my 3-V cereal, as in
the original Bircher-Benner Muesli, they are alive. Besides, most
of these mueslis are imported and very expensive. The recipe I
will give you will enable you to have a much, much better muesli at
a very low price. Ounce for ounce it will cost you even less than
any packaged crummy cereal on the market.

Anyway, when I wound up with my 3-V cereal, it contained a lot more
than the Bircher-Benner formula. I made the additions and
subtractions for definite, positive reasons. To begin with, we are
living in America, not in Switzerland, and we have access to a much
greater variety of food than they have in Switzerland. We must
also recognize that Bircher-Benner, having discovered this about 100
years ago, did not have the benefit of the scientific knowledge
that we have today... but basically the idea behind the
Bircher-Benner Muesli was one of the greatest forward steps in the
history of mankind. This is a sincere statement on my part.

I have learned the value of variety. I have learned that soils do
become depleted, and most commercial grains are not thoroughly
nutritionally balanced. Therefore, I felt that by having a wide
selection of different grains from different areas of the country
perfect balance could be attained.

One of the big shortcomings that I found in the Bircher-Benner
Muesli was the lack of chlorophyll. I have taken the trouble to dig
deeply and study the merits of chlorophyll and they are tremendous...
I should say, earth0shattering. I pondered as to how to get this
into a muesli. I found the solution and that's why you find alfalfa
herb in the formula.

I learned that the Scotch people had kept alive and virile and
mentally alert on a diet that leaned fairly heavily on oats. That
is why oats are one of the main ingredients of my cereal. I've
also learned that oats are better flavored, creamier and more
palatable than most other grains. I also found out that oats lose
less in the cooking than most other grains, although this cereal is
supposed to be used uncooked.

Then I began to study the ways and means of making it palatable.
This was accomplished by adding fresh and dried fruits.

You may wonder why I put so many things together in one formula.
The reason, I figured most people would if necessary deign to take
those formula for one meal a day so I made it a one shot deal and I
put all my eggs in one basket. I calculated that you might tackle
my cereal for one meal a day, so I had one chance and I was going
to hit as hard as I possibly could, with all my might, with that
one blow.

If you are going to make this cereal I don't care where you get the
ingredients but my suggestion is that you get them organically
grown, if possible. But, organically grown or not, make sure you
get them.

Buy the best ingredients that you can. None of them is expensive
and if dried fruits are too expensive, buy fresh fruits that are
cheaper. If dried peaches or dried apricots are too dear, use more
raisins, use more dried apples or dried pears or dates or figs.

I permit the use of a bit of milk, but not much milk is required if
you will soak the 3-V cereal overnight. In fact, better still, you
can soak a whole batch -- enough to last a week -- and keep it in
the refrigerator. I don't think it will suffer any harm and by
having it soaked, a lot of water will be absorbed and you will
required very little milk. Better still, do without any milk. I
say that again, better still, do without any milk!

I have absolute and positive proof concerning the nutritive and the
beneficial value of the 3-V cereal because thousands of people
through the years have written or taken the trouble to tell me
personally how much they have benefited from using it.

I am note trying to sell you the cereal. I am giving you the
formula. Follow it as closely as possible and use it daily and
feed it to your family. Even if you have to persuade, coax, cajole
or club your children into taking it, do it for a few days. After
that they'll take it on their own and want or demand it.

If I do nothing else in my whole life for my fellow man but teach
him the merits of 3-V cereal, I will have earned my reward wherever
or whatever that amounts to.

I would like to clarify two points. First, the original Bircher-
Benner Muesli contained ground nuts. I deliberately omitted nuts
because they go rancid very quickly. Second, I now use and
recommend only whole grains -- not ground or cracked. I find that
by soaking the whole mixture together all of the seeds soften
enough to allow grinding and chewing without any great effort.
Even hard cereals like barley and rice will soften enough to make
them chewable and digestible.

Without boasting or exaggerating, it is the finest, the best
balanced, the most nutritionous assembled food in the whole world.
Be sure no flaked, rolled grains... all whole grains.


Oats ..................... 10 parts
Barley ................... 2 parts
Wheat .................... 2 parts
Rye ...................... 2 parts
Buckwheat ................ 2 parts
Millet ................... 2 parts
Sesame ................... 1 part
Flax ..................... 1 part
Alfalfa Herb, Powdered ... 2 parts
Dried Prunes ............. 2 parts
Dried Raisins ............ 2 parts
Dried Peaches ............ 1 part
Dried Apricots ........... 2 parts
Dried Dates .............. 1 part
Dried Figs ............... 1 part
Total -- 15 Ingredients

Cut fruit into small pieces. Thoroughly mix fruits and grains

Don't cook or heat... just add water -- spring or well water
preferred... let soak overnight.

Add milk, cold or warm (never hot), if desired. Eat 2 to 5
tablespoons every day or at least every other day.

It is most advisable to soak the ingredients because I want to
return the water that was originally in the food and this can only
be done by allowing it to soak. I get best results and the most
satisfying flavor by making enough to last me a week and keeping it
in the refrigerator and then every day or every other day taking
out the quantity that I want for that meal. Following this recipe
alone will correct the condition... that is the lack of energy and
will provide you with energy, all day and all night, if you want
it. Isn't it tragic that most people in the world don't know this
simple answer to a very difficult problem?

Right now you're thinking this is just too easy, it is just too
simple and best of all it doesn't even cost much money. You can
buy the ingredients and mix the whole concoction yourself and it
will only cost you pennies for a good big breakfast. Why use it
only for breakfast... use it for lunch, use it for dinner and you
can mix a batch of it to last you a week for less money than it
will cost you to buy a big package of those cooked processed
cereals that were proven by investigations to contain more energy
in the package than in the food. So unless you act upon this
suggestion you are depriving yourself of a body full of pep and

When you eat food outlined in this recipe you are getting 100%
nutrition. You are not just getting energy, you're getting
practically all of the minerals and vitamins that your body
requires to maintain itself in perfect health. I have said for
many long years that a handful of grains and a handful of greens
can sustain you in perfect health indefinitely provided you don't
cook them or process them or chemicalize them.

Now one more point. The best energy food in the world can be
knocked into a cocked hat if you drink a lot of booze and if you
smoke a lot of cigarettes or cigars or smoke a pipe or take drugs.
This food will work if you permit it to work, if you don't
interfere with it.

All right, now you have the answer. Do something about it and be
filled with pep all day, every day.

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