Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raw Food Diet Can Heal Diabetes

The Raw Food Diet can produce spectacular results for people who have Diabetes. If you or someone you know is a diabetic there is a video that can change lives and it is being offered at half price until midnight Friday Sept 24. The people in the video had miraculous results by following a strict Raw Food Diet for thirty days. While many may not choose to become 100% raw the results indicate that a diet change can affect Diabetes in a positive way. It is worth viewing

A preview is available on this blog under "Videos"

The producers of the film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in
30 Days are doing something really special for the next few
days.In celebration of the wonderful Raw Food Movement and
all of the support that they've received from the community
they are offering their film and the companion 2 disc Raw for
Life DVD set for HALF OFF the regular price!

They've never offered anything like this before but they're
doing it now for several reason. Alex Ortner, the executive
producer of the film, outlined the reasons why they're doing
this for me. Here are his words:

"1 - We know that many people are on a tight budget right
now but we feel that money should never prevent anyone from
getting life saving information. This special makes it
affordable for anyone to pick up a copy of Simply Raw and
Raw for Life.

2 - We know how generous so many people have been in the
past in buying copies for others. For those of you who have
friends, family members or other people in your life that
you think could benefit from seeing this film now is the
perfect time to get them a copy.

3 - We wanted to hold a special "Gratitude Sale" as a way
to personally share our appreciation for you and say
THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased the film or has
accessed our educational materials, and helped us share
the magic of raw and living foods on a global scale."

Alex set up a special page just for you where you can
get your copy of the Simply Raw DVD or the companion Raw
for Life DVD, or both, for half off:


Whether you've already purchased a Simply Raw DVD or the
Raw for Life DVD's, and are looking for a great way to
share copies with others -- or whether you haven't ordered
your copy yet -- this is your chance to get one (or more)
Combo Packs, at a 50% discount.

So, here's where you can access your copy (or copies) and
save 50%:


Access the Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days DVD and
Raw for Life 2 Disc DVD set for 50% And Get Five Fr@e Bonuses!

When you pick up a copy of Simply Raw or Raw for Life today
you'll also get these five bonuses from them:

* Bonus 1: Download of CD #1 and #2 from David Wolfe's
"21 Days to Health Program" ($39 Value)

* Bonus 2: "Kitchen Gadgets" 40 Minute Instructional Video
by Raw Food Chef Cherie Soria of The Living Light Institute
($14.99 Value)

* Bonus 3: Jennifer Cornbleet's Favorite 5 Recipes from
her Book "Raw Food Made Easy"($4.99 Value)

* Bonus 4: A One Month Raw Menu Planner by Tera Warner of
"The Raw Divas" ($14.99 Value)

* Bonus 5: Audio Interview with Ani Phyo on How to Stay
Raw While Traveling ($4.99 Value)

That's a lot of great extra health insight and education...
and you get it all FR@E when you purchase the Simply Raw or
Raw for Life for 50% off.

Go here right now and claim your copies today:


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