Friday, October 2, 2009

Raw Food Diet "Police" Will Understand If You Use a Little Heat at First

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Many people worry about moving to a Raw Food Diet because they think it means they may never eat hot food again.

It does not have to be that way. Give yourself a break...the "Cooking Police" will not come and take you away if you cheat just a little bit. Remember you are in charge. There are many experts with common sense in the Raw Food "movement" who can guide you with easy transitions from cooked foods to a your new healthy diet. New recipes are so delicious you will soon be past the heat factor for cooking food.

For many of us "hot Food" is comfort food and it may take time to adjust.

On a cold winter day wheat grass juice and a raw carrot stick with dip might ruin your new healthy adventure if you are not quite ready for raw. If you are new and considering a move to a raw diet start slowly.The difference between enjoying a new diet experience may be just a few degrees of cooking temperature So take it easy on yourself. You get to choose and no one is watching.

When raw foods are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees, Enzymes the building blocks of nutrition start to rapidly break down. If you are what?

You made it this far without going raw. Quite a few years a go the raw temp limit was 140 degrees. Now, new measurements of food quality after cooking have become more accurate. Many experts even recommend no food heated over 114 degrees. Vegetables in the raw state contain vitamins and enzymes crucial to overall health. Enzymes also help us digest our food, but once exposed to heat enzymes begin to break down and we lose nutritional and digestive benefits of the food.

So what can you do? Heat gently, steam lightly, blanch even broil on the grill. Just become more aware of the temperature.

Get a food thermometer and use it to heat your raw food closer to the 118-114 degree limit. Find your enjoyment level and gradually begin to change your needs for hot, over cooked food. Explore the Raw Food Blogs and recipe sites. You will be surprised at how liberal many of the Raw Food experts are. Most have been in your position and want you to succeed.

You are not alone...visit Raw Food Forums, Blogs and related sites and you will soon learn many tips and ideas to help you in your quest for a healthy life...with your new raw diet.

James Wiley, Basic Author