Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raw Food Diet in a Cold Climate?

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This is a refreshing video by Frederic Patenaude that answers the above question. Yes it is possible to enjoy a Raw Food Diet in colder climates. Frederic was able to thrive on a raw food diet in Canada in the winter. He does admit it is a bit more difficult but is possible. Some other questions answered were...-

Is it possible to maintain the body youthful and fully functioning throughout the entire lifetime via a low fat raw food diet?

How do you feel about raw corn?

What do you think of Microbiotics?

It is a short video and brings up some good thoughts about the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Raw Comfort Food ?

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Do you have any raw comfort foods? Be honest. If you didn't grow up in a Raw Food family the chances of a raw comfort food imprinted upon your early food choices is remote. Fried Chicken, Pecan Pie, Eggs, bacon, Toast etc etc. You probably have a list of your own... Emotional foods are powerful imprints that may effect our attempts to change a diet.

One of the reasons many adults may have such a difficult time with a Raw Food Diet is "Food Imprinting" We learn our food choices and favorites early in life usually between birth and six years. Our first tastes, textures, smells and appearance of food were important but also important is the attitude and emotions of our parents regarding certain types of food. Emotion plays a large part in our food imprints and plays a large part in creating a 'comfort food"

Here is a video that makes sense regarding how we "learn" food. More importantly how parents can introduce future " Healthy Comfort Food" to their children.

Video 1 explains how food is imprinted early in life and dispels some myths about how children feel about "Healthy" foods.

In video 2 a surprising visit to a day care center where kids are learning to love raw foods.

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