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Chia Benefits and Free Chia Recipe Videos

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Have you heard the buzz about chia?

Sure but how do you use it in recipes? Click on the links below and sign up for the Free Chia Recipe Videos and a PDF version you can download.

It?s high in omega oils, packed with protein and fiber, and more stable than flax seeds.

Chia Benefits

* Hydrating
* Easily digested
* Concentrated nutrition
* Enhances energy levels
* Great for Athletes
* Supports healthy weight loss
* Versatile
* Regenerating

But how do you eat it?

A lot of people just add a spoonful or two to a juice or smoothie and drink it down.

If you want to be more creative, you can add chia to most any recipe. It doesn't affect the taste and can actually help as a binding agent.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute has just posted a new video featuring two great recipes using chia seeds (Yes, the same chia seeds you used to grow on your chia pet! ? Who knew we were actually growing a superfood on the kitchen window sill?)

Click Here for Free ChiaVideo Recipe and previous video recipe.

Add more healthy nutrition into your diet in a fun way!

The Magic of Chia

Click on the link below to get access to a step-by-step demonstration using chia to make:

Sunny Chia Seed Bread with Figs, Sundried Olives, Rosemary, and Fennel (with Garlic butter)
Click Here

and Chia Pinwheels Filled with Chocolate and Caramel Click Here


Click here to sign up and see your FREE CHIA Recipes and Videos

The Magic of Chia

PS ? Click on the link and you will also get printable PDFs of all the recipes too!

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