Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raw Food Tropical Paradise.

Have you ever considered moving to a tropical paradise?

Frederic Patensude one of the leading experts in raw food education has an interesting story of how he made the move to a tropical paradise. (Costa Rica)
However,the list of tropical paradises is endless.

Below are some of the reasons that prompted Frederic to escape the northern winters

1.Improve your health with lots of sunshine, Vitamin D and pleasant weather year-round. Escape the torture of cold, dark winters and never pick up a snow shovel again!

2. Less Stress! Reduce stress dramatically by living a slower, more relaxed lifestyle away from the rat race and the shallow existence of consumerism.

3.Fresh Fruit! Eat delicious, cheap, quality, tree-ripened fruits and vegetables.

4. Save money! Even with a part-time move, you can save money by living in a tropical paradise overseas part of the year.

5. Discover a new culture. Find excitement and growth by experiencing a different culture and become enriched by it.

6. Escape the recession and the US/Canadian governments by establishing a life overseas. Enjoy more freedom and less stress in a new, politically stable country.

Increase your overall quality of life, now!

Be sure and visit the links below...Yes Frederic is selling a course on how to move to paradise but the information and story is worth a read. It will get you excited if you have an ounce of adventure in your soul.

Move to a Tropical Paradise