Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raw Food Diet Myths Bad Reasons to be a "Raw Foodist"

Raw Food Diet Myths Exposed...

Frederic Patenaude has posted an article "Top 7 Bad Arguments in Favor of a Raw Food Diet" at
Raw Food Controversies and it seems some of the "Raw Food"  wackos are upset and didn't wait for his followup article..."The Real Reasons to eat a Raw Food Diet.

If you or perhaps you know someone who is  fanatical about being "Raw" I recommend you send them to Frederic's site just for spite.

Seriously, It is refreshing for someone (Frederic Patenaude) to take down some of the myths of the "Why" you should eat a Raw Food Diet.

7 Bad Arguments in Favor of a Raw Food Diet
The Real Reasons to Eat a Raw Food Diet

But first You might enjoy this 15 second video of a couple of Raw Food Diet Cops arguing the merits of Frederic's articles.