Monday, March 17, 2014

Raw Food Menu Planner from 1970 "Raw Food Pioneer" John Tobe

The Natural Foods N0-Cook Book is a classic Raw Food recipe book back in 1973. A complete diary of over 1000 health-giving recipes written by raw food pioneer John H. Tobe.

It contains raw food menu plans for 365 days. Here is a sample one day menu plan for March 17. Remember this is a "pioneer" raw food menu planer. Some modifications may be necessary to update the recipes for 2014 tastes.

A bowl of cut-up apples with raisins sprinkled throughout.

Lunch:Sour Cream Cole Slaw
Cabbage, Horseradish,Lemon Juice,
Paprika, Mustard, Honey, Sea Salt, Egg,
Sour Cream.

Shred cabbage. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over the shredded cabbage. Mix well together.

Dinner: Citrus Slaw in Cabbage Bowl

1 medium sized savoy cabbage        black pepper freshly ground
1 cup fresh orange sections         fresh orange and grapefruit sections for garnish
1/2 cup diced grapefruit sections   fresh coconut

Trim coarse outside leaves from cabbage. Cut out center. Place shell in plastic bag and chill
Shred 3 cups of center portion of cabbage. Toss with orange and grapefruit sections, salt, pepper and
a dressing made of freshly ground coconut and a bit of water blended together. Chill.
Just before serving, spoon slaw into cavity of cabbage. Garnish with orange and grapefruit sections.

Prune Milk Shake

Milk and 6 soaked prunes

Soak prunes in just enough water to cover. Pit prunes and blend with water they were soaked in. Add milk as desired and blend well for delicious beverage. Do not strain.

Healthful Fruit Cake

1 cup coarsely ground whole wheat    1/2 cup ground nuts
1 cup pitted dates finely minced     1 large juicy apple grated
1/2 cup dried figs finely minced     1/2 tsp cinnamon or nutmeg

Combine ingredients and mix well together. Add a little water if necessary, to make a thick paste. Press into a bowl
and cover till the following day.

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